25th anniversary Variass

14 oktober 2016 | Variass celebrated its 25th anniversary on Thursday October 13 with a forum, the presentation of a new logo, and a company party.

The festive program included an introduction of the principles of our digital network society by journalist and innovation watcher Erwin Witteveen and the presentation of the new look of Variass by DGA Henk Smid.

Enrolment restrictions

FME Chairperson Ineke Dezentjé Hamming and Chair of Innovation Cluster Drachten and director at Philips Drachten Kor Visscher gave their view on the recruitment and retention of technologically qualified employees. They condemned the enrolment restrictions universities of technology may introduce to limit the number of students. “Our companies have plenty of vacancies for graduates from universities of technology and I expect that the number of vacancies will continue to increase in the future,” said Kor Visscher. According to Het Financieele Dagblad, universities of technology cannot cope with the large number of new students and claim more money from the government to maintain the quality of their education. The Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker supports the enrolment restrictions.


After a less positive period in the late 1980, Henk Smid took over the company in 1991 for a restart under the new name of Variass. Smid used his financial and business management background to increase the level of service for his customers. In the course of the 1990s, Variass developed into a company that delivered increasingly complex parts and modules for which it set up its own supply chain. “We unburden our customers. Gradually our earnings model changed. In the early years we earned money by delivering capacity, whereas nowadays we earn by delivering added value.” Smid explains that Variass currently partners up with its customers. “If we deliver added value, we are our customer’s best partner.''

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