Accession of heavy-duty-systems company Dewulf.

Kleasterdyk 43, 8831 XA Winsum

This meeting is only for invited guests.

With the entry of heavy-duty company Dewulf from the Frisian town of Winsum, the group of high-tech companies from Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD) is celebrating its official recognition of the nationwide "smart industry field lab" and fourth in the Northern Netherlands. The companies are largely digitized and their machines, means of production and organizations are closely intertwined and therefore an example for the future manufacturing industry.

According to Binne Visser, chairman of Innovation Cluster Drachten, Dewulf is a jewel in the region. ,,Many MBO and HBO technicians from the region find their jobs there, while their smart agricultural machinery for growing potatoes and root crops are known worldwide for their good quality." With the entry of Dewulf, heavy duty systems are entering the high-tech business cluster. According to Visser a nice extension that fits well within the scope of the ICD. ,,With Dewulf we get the opportunity to share techniques and knowledge from a different working area. This enables us to take the next step in the development of our cluster."


The entry is on January 24 and only for invited guests.


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