Comecer Netherlands develops and produces high-tech systems for the pharmaceutical industry and nuclear medicine. They design software and produce medical devices and are an internationally renowned business partner for nuclear medicine, the production of radiopharmaceuticals and the OEM industry.

Comecer Netherlands, a Comecer Group company, is based in Joure (The Netherlands) and founded in 1960s. The company started his operation as a high precision mechanical company and entered the Radiopharma market in the early 70’s with the first lead shielding products. After the start of this own product line, the company evolved towards a full focus on the Radiopharma market extending its competence in radioprotection and measurement equipment with electronics development in the 80’s and further extended with software products as of the mid 90’s.

The company is today a medical device companythat develop, design and manufacture product and software solution for the Radiopharma and Pharma business. It is an internationally known business partner for many nuclear medicine departments, radio pharma production facility and OEM Industry customers.

It is certified according the ISO 9001-2000 and ISO-13485-2012 and combine its standard products solution with the flexibility to meet customized customer needs. The main key productline of Comecer Netherlands is:

  • Dose calibrator for Radiopharma
  • Dispensing system for Radiopharma
  • Injection System for Radiopharma;
  • Radio and EnvironmentalMonitoring system for Radiopharma;
  • Glove integrity test systemfor Radiopharmaand Pharma
  • Software solution for the management of the work flow of the production and preparation of radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical.


Techniek Tastbaar Assen: make work of your passion!

17-04-2020 | 11:00 - 18:00Dr. Nassaucollege Assen


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