FMI Industrial Automation is founded in 1962 and supplys mechanical systems, modules and components to High-Technology, Industrial and Medical equipment manufacturers around the world.

Since 2001 FMI has grown into a group of manufacturing companies using the very latest CNC machining, Computer Aided Manufacturing and additive manufacturingproduction technologies. Our products and services include engineering consultancy, component manufacturing and the assembly of modules and systems. FMI currently has 8 manufacturing plants and an engineering consultancy. Our companies operate in 3 divisions focussing on Original Equipment Manufacturers in our main markets: high-technology, industrial and medical. FMI is privately owned and we have a solid financial base.


FMI takes great pride in making a difference, together with their customers. The company makes that difference by combining their customer involvement, the passion for what they do and, their “Make-Ability”. Make-Ability can best be described as their technical acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to transform even the most basic or challenging ideas into excellent, high quality products. It's also about working closely with customers, in order to provide ‘more added value and our maximum involvement’.


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