Neopost Technologies

Neopost Technologies BV in Drachten is part of the stock exchange-listed Neopost Group, which has its headquarters in Paris. With products and services marketed in 90 countries and sites in 29 countries, Neopost is the number 1 company in Europe and is number 2 worldwide in mailroom solutions that optimize mail flows. It has 5,900 employees globally, including 1,200 sales representatives and 500 R&D engineers.

Center of Competence
Within the Neopost Group, Neopost Technologies BV in Drachten is the center of competence for developing and producing products such as automatic folding inserting systems and packing systems for customized parcels or parcels of varying sizes for the e-fulfilment industry.

Neopost invests 4 to 4.5% of its € 1 billion group income in new ideas and market exploration. Employees of Neopost Technologies BV are given plenty of freedom to initiate innovations. Neopost’s objective is to expand its market position and safeguard its continuity through product development. This is possible only when using modern tools. To support its product development, Neopost uses 3D CAD, PLM, CMS, and ERP SAP systems, as well as Agile software development methods. The company’s developers look beyond existing markets to come up with new concepts. New ideas may be arise from anywhere within the organization, such as from among the 80 engineers working in the R&D department. In Drachten, Neopost has 300 employees working on its future. The implementation of a new product idea calls for the involvement of all disciplines within the organization and may even involve people from several R&D locations. These multidisciplinary teams bring all their knowledge and expertise together, creating short development and implementation loops to ensure that today’s promising idea is realized tomorrow!

State-of-the-art manufacturing
Products and systems manufactured by Neopost technologies are advanced and complex. Because of its in-house tool and prototype shop and its state-of-the-art parts production department, Neopost is able to translate designs into finished or semi-finished products in no time. Neopost’s Lean experts ensure that its assembly lines are set up according to the latest technological and ergonomic insights. Lean and Six Sigma tools are employed to find ways to further enhance quality and efficiency. Neopost’s quality-oriented philosophy is embedded in its Quality System. All employees work toward one goal: today must improve on yesterday!

Innovation Cluster Drachten
Neopost’s working practice with regard to product development, state-of-the-art component production, and equipment manufacturing is also accessible to third parties. Neopost not only collaborates with the other partners in the Innovation Cluster, but it is also prepared to help other companies improve their market position.


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