Norma Groep

Norma is a first-line, hi-tech supplier that develops, produces, and assembles complete mechatronic systems. Its core competence is its wide experience in ultraprecise activities

Norma-IMS’s products are classed under the highest level of accuracy and are made of materials such as hardmetal, hardened steel, ceramics, and precious metal.

Its continuous focus on innovation and no-nonsense entrepreneurship has put the company in a unique position with regard to precision processing and ultraprecise modules. Its customers are global players in innovative hi-tech systems. Norma takes pride in the companies that subcontract their systems and modules to them. The Norma Group has four sites: one in Drachten, one in Doetinchem, and two in Hengelo.

Norma considers it important that the Innovation Cluster is made up of leading hi-tech companies with proven innovative power. Norma hopes that, by working together, these companies will be able to attract and retain people interested in hi-tech careers in this region. It endorses the Cluster’s main objective, which is to improve and strengthen the image of jobs in technology. There are plenty of job opportunities for talented personnel within these leading companies. What’s more, these companies need that talent to maintain their leading position.


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