Resato International

Pressures of up to 14,000 bars are what Resato’s business is all about. With more than 80 employees at our disposal, putting our unique expertise to use, we serve roughly as many countries worldwide every day. Our company supplies components as well as systems, and we share our knowledge with people who need to work with these ultra-high pressures.

Resato’s particular specialism is as a manufacturer of water jet tables, testing and operating systems for the oil and gas industry, and testing and control equipment for hose manufacturers. In addition, there are numerous other applications where we pull our weight, such as metal shaping and injecting plastic into particular molds, or the sterilization of food.

We have a clear mission; we do everything to provide our clients with high-pressure technology, products and systems that meet with their expectations or even take those expectations to a higher level. In short, this means that we put the client very much at the heart of everything we do: knowledge of their process, as well as their way of thinking and preconditions. 

With this mission in mind, we are continuing to work incredibly hard on the road ahead. Our team grows each month and that is what makes Resato such a dynamic company. We work in a very inspiring and horizontal organization with a good mix of people, with staff ranging from junior to senior and from technical to commercial. Everyone here pulls their weight to make us a success.


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