WhisperPower’s mission is to offer the best, most sustainable, and most efficient electronic off-grid power systems for commercial craft, yachts, vehicles, houses, objects, and industrial applications.

In recent years, the focus has shifted toward the development of ‘smart grid’ systems that obtain even more energy from sunlight. WhisperPower has been active in the maritime and mobile markets for years. Increasingly, these sectors are also aiming to use renewable sources for the generation of autonomous energy.

WhisperPower BV split off from Mastervolt International Holding in May 2007 in order to move forward as an independent business. Whisper generators had been in production in Drachten since 1998 and were distributed under the Mastervolt trademark. In 2010, WhisperPower took over control of the worldwide distribution of generators and parts. Since then, the delivery schedule has been expanded to include additional power products, the goal being to enable the delivery of complete systems.

Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded in 2009 and is also based in Drachten. This company focuses on the development and production of combined hybrid and propulsion systems for super yachts and commercial craft. Hybrid technology is also used in systems for smaller craft, vehicles and off-grid power systems.

Heidevolt BV is the founder and shareholder of the various companies and is the management company of Mastervolt’s founder. Shanghai-based WhisperPower China was added to the group at the end of 2011. WhisperPower is active in over 40 countries and is considered a premium brand.

WhisperPower has years of experience in the field of combining diesel power, power electronics, and battery systems. Its portfolio covers the whole power range from 500W to 500kW. A select team of product developers within the company and beyond ensures that innovation and product development are executed to plan.

Most of the manufacturing process is carried out in-house in a sizeable building (5,500 m2) in Drachten. A considerable amount of the work is subcontracted to partner companies in the Netherlands or abroad. WhisperPower’s Drachten premises showcase the very latest ideas on energy-friendly sustainability. These include facilities such as solar cells and climate control based on an eco-energy recovery system. Energy generated during the 3-hour testing of generators and power electronics is reused as a result of being fed into the heat pump of the building’s energy recovery system.


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