YP Your Partner

YP Your Partner specializes in the design and maintenance of industrial automation. For more than 25 years our information systems, often in combination with the use of telemetry, are used to manage, monitor and control remote installations. We stand out as a result of our high standard of service and the level of quality in our work.

YP was founded in 1987 by Yde Prins. Then, as now, activities were focused on process automation. Given that YP automation keeps an eye on the future, it has made major investments in development and innovation. Consequently, YP has its own R&D department that works tirelessly on tomorrow’s solutions. Among other things, this approach led to our software solution known as CARS (Central Alarm and Registration System). Starting with our own robust products, we also work on developing new applications in the field of telemetry, monitoring, and data logging.

CARS connects people, devices, and software

CARS connects people. Neither time nor distance is any barrier to this whatsoever. Using CARS from one or more locations puts you in charge of controlling and managing systems worldwide. Thanks to ‘The Internet of Things,’ people, installations, and software are able to communicate interactively with one another. The installations use all manner of sensors to share valuable information about their functionality, current and future condition, and factors relating to the environment.

CARS provides accurate and preventive information night and day. Big Data is employed as input for the self-regulating process. The more we know, share, and digitize, the more accurately the CARS system operates. This is how CARS keeps improving.

Since YP’s earliest beginnings, the field of application for CARS software has been under continuous development. This field includes wastewater treatment plants, clusters of sewage pumps, the percolation water purification installation for a landfill site, the monitoring of cold storage facilities, silo monitoring, the control of polder drainage pumping stations, and traffic signaling. CARS makes all operating systems manageable.

The mastery of telemetry

Analog telemetry serves as the foundation for developing the CARS digital software platform. For as many as 28 years, YP Your Partner has been investing in this technology as one of its foremost pioneers. This process has yielded a vast quantity of expertise, expertise, and successfully completed cases.

Owing to this, all these activities, ranging from local management to the configuration of whole Client/Server networks for telemetry system purposes, are performed by the professional and experienced team at YP Your Partner.





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