ZiuZ Visual Intelligence

ZiuZ, located in Gorredijk, specializes in developing products that use visual technology. As its goal, ZiuZ wishes to make a global impact through innovative, visual intelligence-based solutions that contribute toward solving problems in society.

The company was founded in 2002 by Gerrit Baarda and Ed van den Brand. ZiuZ launched its first product four years later: an application that was able to summarize digitized VHS tapes. Nowadays, ZiuZ is composed of three business units: ZiuZ Forensic, ZiuZ Surveillance and ZiuZ Medical. The forensic branch of the company develops products that can examine hard disks, CDs and DVDs for incriminating material. ZiuZ Surveillance specializes in developing products that can condense many hours of video footage into nothing but the crucial moments. Lastly, ZiuZ Medical develops products that can control the automated dispensing of medication in pharmacies and hospitals.

ZiuZ is a fitting addition to the Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD) when considering that innovation is in the very life blood of the company. Since its foundation, ZiuZ has proven its ability to reinvent itself time and again and to launch a continual stream of innovative solutions. In 2014, ZiuZ was even named as Frisian business of the year. The adjudicating panel based its decision on the company’s innovative character and described ZiuZ as “a ‘thoroughbred’ innovative company that persisted for as long as it took for it to realize the original idea.” At present, the company is working hard on new, innovative solutions for clients such as police forces and (health) care institutions. One such example under development is the Strix: an HD surveillance camera that, owing to its revolutionary technology, can take very clear video footage 24 hours a day. The camera is capable of capturing video footage under the darkest of conditions without the need for infrared lighting. Consequently, the camera can hardly be detected if at all, making it highly suitable for use by, for example, police surveillance units.

Slogan: “Determined to make a difference”


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