First results 3D printing and Big Data visible

16 december 2016 | ‘Innovation Drachten produces results’ says the heading in today’s Leeuwarder Courant. The newspaper is right, for on Thursday December 15, we presented the first results of our Big Data and 3D printing projects.

In two presentations, a video and dozens of posters, we explained the first results of two years spent on the Big Data and 3D printing projects to 90 employees of the high-tech companies that make up ICD.

3D printing

is not just the purchase and commissioning of the industrial 3D metal printer that was a big success of the 3D printing project, so was the research into new ways to make molds for processing ultramodern plastic consumer electronics. The molds were shown during the demonstrations of the 3D metal printer in our ICD Shared Facility Center.

Big Data

Each individual company collects an increasing amount of data, but we still derive too little information from this data. Several ICD partners therefore try to determine the meaning of the data to develop practical applications for their customers. Data collected from various sources can be used to prevent malfunctions or illness well before they become a problem. Delta Instruments demonstrated a device that can predict if a cow is developing abomasal displacement or ketosis. YP Your Partner showed how big data of university hospital Groningen derived from 20 million measurements per 15 minutes can help the hospital establish well in advance which of its many installations is about to break down.

Watch the video on big data.

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