'Good study advice because you know what is happening’

30 september 2019 | Secondary school teachers regularly visit companies in the region to be able to advise their students which study program to choose. On Thursday September 26, they came to us for more information on augmented reality and big data.

Rienkje Postma of ROC Friese Poort Sneek, Jan Molenaar of Esdal College in Emmen and Feike Vermaning of AMS in Franeker first listened to a story by Anne Gerben Terpstra of PerkinElmer. He explained how farmers use data analysis to determine the health of their cows. ,,This is not only good for animal welfare but also improves the quality of dairy products and helps farmers save money because cows live longer in good health.” This was followed by a lecture by Theun Prins, owner/manager of YP Your Partner: ,,Augmented reality shows how we are going to collaborate in the future because seeing is believing, not only in movies.” Teachers saw how data could add all kinds of useful and fun aspects to reality. Prins: ,,Direct interaction with data is what we want. This is now possible with the Hololens. The technology is still in its infancy but has a lot of potential.”

One step further

Mr. Molenaar, physics and mathematics teacher, is enthusiastic about the Hololens. ,,What use is this to me now that I am going to retire a year from now? This is for young people!’’ Theun Prins explained that augmented reality is also interesting for older people. ,,In the future, the IKEA catalogue will no longer drop in your mail box but you can use VR glasses and an internet connection to redecorate your living room with furniture you select online.” This changed Mr. Molenaar’s view on things. ,,I used to teach physics the dull way and nowadays I can already visualize a lot, but the Hololens would take teaching physics one step further and would make teaching fun and allow students to really experience what they are learning.”

Development team

Teachers thought this a useful afternoon. Together with other teachers, they set up a teacher development team known as DOT. This team deals with all kinds of subjects, including keeping yourself informed on the latest developments in high-tech industry. Mr. Vermaning, mathematics, chemistry and physics teacher: ,,Some colleagues never leave school for 40 years. With special programs, we stimulate them to find out more about the companies where their students will work after graduating. If you know what is happening in industry, you can give students good advice on the best study program to choose.’’

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