Graduation Project - Market Research

Geplaatst op: 29-08-2019

This assignment consists of mapping out the French market for forensic software and defining the need for forensic software within French Law Enforcement Agencies.

About ZiuZ

ZiuZ is an innovative company at the forefront of the development of high technology in the field of visual intelligence. It is our mission to have a global impact with products that contribute to solving socially relevant issues. Therefore, we create practical and user-friendly solutions for police and security services and the pharmaceutical industry.


Our Ambition

We want to make even more of an impact with our existing products and want to use our AI expertise in new markets. That means enabling detectives to find more victims of child abuse and catch more perpetrators. Reducing pharmaceutical distribution errors in pharmacies to reduce fatalities and hospital admissions. And combining our knowledge of AI and image recognition for the benefit of Computer Aided Diagnosis in the medical world. And we want to do all of that worldwide.


The Assignment

Several European police forces already use our forensic software to analyse, categorize and classify photos and videos in child abuse investigations. In order to expand our current installed base, we would like to enter new markets within Europe. France is of particular interest as it is one of the last Western-European countries in which we haven’t managed to obtain a market share yet. As we currently have limited knowledge of the French market, this assignment consists of mapping out the French market for forensic software and defining the need for forensic software within French Law Enforcement Agencies. With that it is important to understand which companies are active in the market. The ultimate goal of the assignment is to recommend a strategy for entering the French market for forensic software. And who knows, maybe we’ll ask you to stay on after your graduation to oversee the execution of the strategy you recommended.


About you:

  • You are creative, energetic and persistent;
  • You are in the process of completing a college education (HBO) in the field of marketing;
  • You have (internship) experience with operational marketing;
  • You keep a close eye on the most recent development and trends in the field of marketing;
  • You are self-reliant;
  • You can work independently as well as in a team;
  • You have excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English, Dutch is a plus;
  • You have excellent social skills and you are not afraid to pick up the phone;
  • You are willing to travel;
  • You work in a systematic yet flexible manner



ZiuZ offers a compensation of € 275,- per month. On top, a maximum of €100,- travel costs can be compensated if needed.


Contact persons at ZiuZ

Jos Flury, Business Unit Manager ZiuZ Forensic                     06-46837874

Cor Mulder, Marketing & Account Manager                     06-21148088

ZiuZ Visual Intelligence


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