ICD inventors’ Competition 2017

13:00 - 22:00
Schouwburg De Lawei in Drachten

Do technology and art go together? Yes, they do! This is the challenge of the fifth edition of our Inventors’ Competition: the annual innovation event organized by the Innovation Cluster Drachten for technology students at universities of applied sciences and research universities.

This year, the assignment is to design and build a ‘robotic artist’ which, controlled with an app, creates a 3D work of art of a freely selected material. The 3D work of art must be tangible and lasting. The prize money is substantial. The works of art will be auctioned and the proceeds go to the students. The most beautiful 3D creations will be given a place of honor in ICD’s Shared Facility Center in Drachten.

Why organize this Inventors’ Competition?

How do we bring technology and innovation to the attention of enthusiastic and highly educated students? By showing them how much fun it is to work on technological solutions for the future. How can we achieve this? By having students experience the unlimited possibilities of challenging technology. Does this help to retain top talents in this region? Possibly. In any case, we show that a job in our high-tech companies means working on the cutting edge of technology. We organize the Inventors’ Competition to help students with their career choice and to make technology-related jobs attractive.

The Inventors ‘competition in a nutshell

The ‘Robotic artist’ designed and built by the students has
to do its bit by creating a real work of art. Computer animations, holograms or other computer-made things are out of bounds. Drawings and paintings are not allowed either. The ‘Robotic artist’ must make a real 3D work of art while being controlled in an interactive and innovative way with an app.
Student team
The students work on the assignment in a multidisciplinary team of students in electronics, informatics, mechanical engineering, human technology and mechatronics. To be really complete, a team should also include art and marketing students.
Students have to make a video of the ‘invention process’
in which they work together on the creation of their robot. This video has to show how they translate their initial ideas into a definitive design. The video must also shows how the team makes the ‘Robotic artist ‘and how this ‘Robotic artist’
is able to create a work of art.
During the live presentation in theater De Lawei on Wednesday June 14, 2017, each team gives a short demonstration of the possibilities and abilities of its ‘Robotic artist’. In a video, they show the creation of the finished work of art and they present the finished work of art. The presentations may last up to 10 minutes.
Competition rules
The ‘Robotic artist’ must make its work of art without any
risk to the environment, i.e. without explosions, use of open fire and hazardous substances. The work of art must be
3-dimensional and analog, which excludes things like computer animations, holograms, etc.
The robot must demonstrate the making of the work of art live. The team must inform the organization committee before June 7 which materials and means will be used in
the live demonstration. During its presentation, the team
has to show a video of the creation process of its work of
art. Before the video and demonstration, the team has to
give a short introduction.
Evening program
During the evening program that is open to the public, each team gives short pitch of up to 2 minutes and a demonstration. The jury grants a gold, silver and bronze ward to the teams that come first, second and third in the competition. The Innovation Cluster Drachten provides the prize money: 3000 euros for Gold, 2000 euros for silver and 1000 euros for bronze. The works of art are auctioned among the audience attending the evening. The proceeds are for the students. The works of art of the award winners get a prominent place in the ICD’s Shared Facility Center in Drachten. Therefore, the focus should be both on creating a great work of art and on the technology required to make it.
After the presentation, the jury has 5 minutes to ask questions. The jury consists of an artist and representatives of the high-tech companies making up the
Innovation Cluster Drachten.
Participating universities
Interested? If you want to take part, watch out for our kick-offs! We will visit Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, NHL University in Leeuwarden, Windesheim university in Zwolle, Groningen University, Saxion University in Enschede. 



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