Internship: Frontend developer

Geplaatst op: 02-03-2020


What you tell your friends about your internship: "I ensure optimal customer experience by developing apps that act as personal digital assistants" You are at the forefront of technical developments within the market. You enjoy developing new applications and are naturally curious about what the solutions of today and the future can mean for our customers.

In this position you work on the development of new and existing software. You collect requirements and prepare the design of the front end. You take care of the implementation and test what you have made. You also investigate new technologies for natural interaction that ensure an even better customer experience.

Your knowledge of user interfaces brings our R&D team to a higher level. As a Frontend developer you work in a small team and that is why collaboration is very important.

YP Your Partner attaches great importance to efficient and pleasant cooperation with clear communication so that the team reinforces each other and can grow.


Who are we looking for? 

An HBO student who is interested in developing software on an industrial PC for controlling processes and connecting technical installations to the cloud. 

Why this function? 

Let people, installations and software interactively interact with each other via the cloud. 


YP Your Partner, Ampèrelaan 1, Drachten. T: 0512 589 842 /

YP Your Partner


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