Langman Prize 2019 for Jouke de Vries

10 januari 2020 | Active thinking and acting for the Northern Netherlands rewarded.

Active Northern thinking and acting pays off! Jouke de Vries, chairman of the board of the University of Groningen, proves this with his 'university for the North'. On Thursday January 9 he received the Langman Prize 2019. This happened during the New Year's reception of the Northern Netherlands.

De Vries received the prize because he wants to involve the entire Northern Netherlands in the university. For example, he opened Campus Fryslân in Leeuwarden and this year, in collaboration with our business cluster, starts a master track Mechanical Engineering Smart Factories in our ICD Shared Facility Center in Drachten. The University of Groningen also has plans for an IT-hub in Hoogeveen and research facilities at the chemical cluster Delfzijl, Eemshaven and in Emmen. ,,This active Northern thinking and acting is more than enough reason for the jury to award Jouke de Vries the prize," according to the jury report.


It's the third time that the Langman Prize has been awarded. The prize is awarded to a person or organization that thinks, acts, controls, undertakes without restrictions and thus gives impetus to Northern opinion formation or economic development. The namesake of the prize, the Frisian Harrie Langman, was of great importance for the Northern Netherlands as a minister of economic affairs. In the early 1970's, he was responsible for supporting the economically weak regions of Limburg and the North. He  initiated the relocation of government services to Groningen and Friesland. He also took the initiative of a billion-dollar support for the North, the so-called Langman monies.

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