Student association Atlantis on high-tech safari

02 maart 2020 | 'We combine technology with social significance’

‘We combine technology with social significance’

,,Sick! Impressive. Wow! Really? Is that possible with a 3D printer?’’ Just a few reactions from students of student association Atlantis. On Tuesday February 25, members of Atlantis went on a high-tech safari at some ICD companies.

Atlantis was founded in 2013 as the youngest student association at the University of Twente. It caters for students of the bachelor’s program Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences, also known by its abbreviation ATLAS. ,,We are a new kind of student association and combine technology with social importance,” explained Commissioner of External Affairs Renzo Besseling. He took part in a high-tech safari at ICD companies together with 20 fellow-students.


Although the students come from a region with many technological startups that is familiar with the latest state of the art, the 3D metal and polymer printer in ICD’s Shared Facility Center on the Philips site managed to impress them. ,,It is great to see that we master this technology in the Netherlands. I did not know that 3D printing offered so many possibilities,” said Besseling. The high-tech safari started at Philips with a visit to ICD’s Shared Facility Center and a lecture on 3D printing by Norma. Next, the students visited Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, to see how sensoring and big data were used in automatic packing machines for web shops. After the lunch break, the students traveled by coach to XPar Vision in Groningen. Here Sander de Jong, Lead Development Engineer at XPar Vision, told them more about using sensors to measure the glass quality of freshly formed and still very hot bottles. The last visit in the high-tech safari was to ASTRON. Technology Transfer Officer Ronald Halfwerk and Competence Group Leader Johan Pragt of ASTRON explained how they used super big data to make scientific discoveries in space.

Social importance

These are not the only ICD companies that are interesting to students of Atlantis, according to Besseling. ,,Our students combine creativity with social sciences and engineering and are interested in sustainability. This is an attractive combination for companies that want to create great products and also have a positive impact on society. Some of the high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands would be good partners for us.’’

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