Ventura Systems

Ventura Systems B.V designs, engineers and assembles door systems for buses, trams and metro worldwide.

Designed for public transportation, these products are used worldwide. Every day again. From the outset, Ventura has focused on high-quality standardization of a series of modular doorsystems, which can be adapted to customer demands and user requirements. This not only guarantees a high standard quality, but also an excellent price-quality ratio.

The current series consist of Inward Swinging (ISD), Outward Swinging (OSD), Plug Sliding (PSD) and Rapid Sliding doors (RSD). We develop and manufacture all doors in our own factory and combine intelligent technology with a favorable service life. The future of Ventura Systems stands with the power to innovate. The competition is fierce and knowledge is spreading fast. Ventura Systems therefore not only wants to stay up-to-date, but to constantly renew itself to stay ahead of the competition.


That is why Ventura Systems has introduced Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM). Shorter production time increases quality and reduces costs, allowing us to compete better and respond more quickly to changes in the market. That way we can serve our customers even better.


Ventura Systems has been nominated for the prestigious King Willem I Prize in the category of up to 250 employees. "With creativity and innovation, Ventura Systems proves to be a real nomination for the King Willem I Prize 2016." The prize is compared to the Oscar for companies in the Netherlands.


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