ZiuZ wins design prize

25 oktober 2019 | The ZiuZ Corrector has won the GIO Award 2019.

ZiuZ Corrector wint GIO Award 2019

At a special dinner show on Monday, October 21, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, this tool for pharmacists was awarded the recognition for Good Industrial Design.

In the pharmacy it sometimes happens that filling robots make mistakes when filling personalized medicine bags. That is why a check is always needed by a pharmacist who can correct the errors. This is assisted by the ZiuZ Corrector. This is a device that takes pictures of the medicine bags, after their contents have been corrected by the pharmacist. These photos are added for reference to the photo database of the recording device in which the original images are stored. In this way the ZiuZ Corrector helps to ensure safe use of medication.


Spark design & innovation has designed the compact and stable Corrector for ZiuZ. This device allows the pharmacist to perform various operations in one smooth motion. The rising edge of the tray helps the user to slide the medicine bags from the table onto the tray. In the same movement, the bag is positioned under the camera, after which the photo is taken by pressing the plateau. This new corrector camera brings usability to a higher level. The Corrector is available from 2020 for users of the ZiuZ products Photon and IRIS.


ZiuZ Medical and its pharmacy solutions


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